Red Gas Dirt Bike DB1

The 40cc Mini Dirt Bike is a perfect starter pit bike for those young or young at heart. The clean-burning single cylinder gas engine is easy to start, quiet, and reliable. Prime, choke, and pull - just like a weed wacker. Top speeds up to 25 mph.

  • 40cc single cylinder (no mixing with oil) engine
  • Size: 45" Long x 11" Wide x 28" High
  • Seat Height: 2 feet (24 inches)
  • Weight: 57 Lbs
  • Top speed: 15-20 mph depending on rider weight and terrain
  • Range: 20+ miles per tank (0.25 gallons)
  • Brakes: front and rear slotted disc
  • Tires: Knobby dirt tires
  • Almost fully assembled - put on front wheel, shock bolt, and tighten handlebars

Our best selling model; highly recommended. Ships very well packaged to prevent damage. Easy to work on with clear access to all components. All parts in stock. Available in Black/Red (mostly black), Red/Black (mostly red), Blue, and Green.